Who else is extremely excited about Christmas?! All your Christmas 2021 inspo is here so that you can start planning your nail art, food/snacks and outfit now!

Festive season has officially began and I’m here, like in the old days of Style by Deb, bringing a recollection of my favouite pins from my «Christmas Holidays» Pinterest board.


Either for you to try at home or give it straight to your nail technician. Nail art for 2021 covers from traditional red and green, to modern festive motifs in colours like pink, black or beige.

Different, unique, understated. Black and silver are synonym of elegance and they will give your nails a «silent night» vibe.
Cute and traditional colours and patterns.
Extend your Christmas-themed mani with this winter design that can be worn even during January.
Classic and over-the-top! Make your hands the protagonists of your look with this intricated design with the best of Christmas joy.


You’re allowed to leave your running shoes or berria cycling wear and enjoy the seasonal delights such as gingerbread cookies, chocolate tarts or holiday platters.

Tired of baking and decorating cookies? Try something new this year and bake a delicious Christmas cake in metallic tones.
The traditional gingerbread cookies! How fun is decorating these as a family?! The most popular designs include gingerbread man, Christmas tree and snowflake.
Festive lolipops are so cute and easy to make! Let your imagination run when it comes to the Christmassy yummy things you put inside.
Surprise everyone this year witht his opulent chocolate Christmas tart! How pretty AND yummy does it look?!
Who doesn’t love a good platter? Make it festive and arrange it in the shape of a Christmas wreath. This one particularly is called fig and brie, but you can add any salami, cheese, nuts and fruit of your choice.


Indulge yourself into cozy cashmeres and sparkly glitter! These Christmas outfit ideas can be used for office parties, family gatherings and actual Christmas Eve and/or Christmas Day.

Day to night: Heading to the Christmas office party straight after your shift? Take off your coat to show off the glitter and change your sneakers for red pumps while your plaid shirt + white sweater combo stays intact.
A super cute and trendy option for a Christmas hot cocoa date with bae! If you plan to walk a lot just wear the same over-the-knee boots but in their flat version.
Red and white scream Christmas so pick a solid red top with a bow and you’re fabulous presence will be the real gift for any Xmas party! This option works perfectly for my pals in the Southern Hemisphere where they celebrate Christmas during the summer.
Christmas glam is not all about glitter and gold. You can still look elegant in a sleek plaid mini skirt paired with tights and boots, a cozy red sweater and your favourite coat.
The usual glitter palazzo pants + cashmere sweater combination took a 2021 makeover. Palazzo pants became joggers-like, including an elastic waist and cuffs, while the boxy sweater shrank into a tight turtle neck in a luxurious almond white / beige / nude shade.
Couldn’t leave without a classic: a sequinned cocktail dress in the most luxurious shade of golden: champaigne. Elevate the dress with detailes such as impeccable draping, asymetric lenghts and hard shoulders.

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Happy Festive Season!!