No better time to wear an all white outfit than during summer. Still, you’ll be surprised at how many people still don’t dare to wear all white, either for practical reasons, or aesthetic misconceptions. I’m here to let you know how I went from never white to all white!

First off, I never wore an all white outfit until fairly recently. I simply didn’t think it would suit me. There are so many aesthetic «prejudices» againts white clothing: it makes you «look fat», it doens’t look good on non-tanned skin, it stays easily, you can’t wear it after Labor Day… Gosh! Give poor white a break! lol.

Back in the day, I only had three white items on my entire wardrobe: a t-shirt, a shirt and a pair of Rockstud dupes. But you know what? That’s how you start feeling familiar with a colour. That’s how you start integrating it into your wardrobe -little by little, piece by piece.

Fast forward to summer 2021, I’m rocking a total white outfit that goes beyond a daytime cotton white dress. My broderie top has a lovely shape and goes perfectly with my new pair of white skinny jeans (it was about time I repurchase a pair). I know skinny jeans are not hyped right now but I always have them in different colours as basics while I get trendier, looser fits little by little.

As for the shoes, these were a bit of an unnecessary splurge. I didn’t need them at all, and I don’t know how much I’ll actually wear them, but they looked so cool on the SheIn site that I couldn’t resist. I bought them together with the lovely mint strappy sandals I wore in a previous summer post.

What you should take, style wise, from this post: when wearing an all white outfit, focus on textures. Once you go for a monochromatic OOTD, all you have left is textures, so play with them! Combine different types to create interesting dimensions to your look.

In my case, I got the lovely broderie top doing its thing, and on my shoes, I got a faux-leather texture with golden accents. Add the ‘it bag’ of the season, the ruched bag, for even more dimension! Or get creative with raffia, knits or luxurious faux animal skins.

Thanks to The Halfway Llanelli for letting us use their location for these photos!



Ph: Robert Howells

Top and Jeans: Primark – Shoes and Sunglasses: SheIn