Affordable home decor finds featuring Aoin

As we still wait for our first London flat keys, I stumbled upon online store Aoin to check their Home & Living, and Pets sections. I came up with a list of affordable home decor finds that I wanted to share with you guys in this post. Let’s see them!

Aoin currently works in four categories: Home & Living, Pets, Sports and the brand new Women’s section that has a very elegant selection of pajamas. The Sports section not only offers performance sportswear but also some tools and equipment you can easily have around the house (like skipping ropes or a muscle training small equipment).

However, all my attention went straight to the home-related sections as I cannot wait to have the keys of our flat. One of my favourite things was the jewelry storage box options. First, you have the traditional multilayer velvety box that has a lot of space for rings, earrings, bracelets (this one comes in a gorgeous emerald green colour that adds sophistication). This box would look beautiful on Sogeshome’s Makeup Table for a girly and chic vanity.

In the same way, another traditional option is the organizer tray, where you can display all your jewelry in a flat way. Then Aoin has some interesting options like the portable transparent storage book. I think it’s a nice, simple and convenient idea to have your jewelry always in hand and even take it to trips in your suitcase without occupying too much space.

The other great option for storage is Transparent Cabinet Jewelry Display Stand. So different from the traditional boxes! It holds a lot of pieces but not as many as the first option, so it all depends on your needs.

Moving on, I found some lovely random items that I quite liked. They have a nice range of indoor decorative planters, and this one was by far my favourite as it’s different from the usual rustic ones (and I’m definitely not a countryside / rustic girl in my style lol).

This bright yellow ceramic hanging planter with twine rope has a very modern and minimalist theme. The shape is simple yet elegant, and combined with a bright, captivating colour, it becomes a statement piece. A drainage hole at the bottom allows excess water to drain from the soil.

Another random item I liked was this Cherry Measuring Spoons and Egg Separator. How cute is it?! The cherries are the measuring spoons and the leave is the egg separator. Genius!

Last but not least, the Cat section within the Pets category. Here you can find useful, everyday cat things like litter boxes, beds, toys and bowls. All of the super cute and quite affordable. At the same time, you’ll see some different items like a Christmas stuffed plush hamster (don’t tell me I’m the only that gives Christmas presents to their pets) or, my favourite, Anti-Scratch Stickers for Furniture.

Now, if you ever had a cat you know they love scratching their nails in certain surfaces like leather sofas or some rugs. All my sofas have always had cat scratch marks on the sides, and I think I just found the solution! You can use these stickers to add a layer of protection where in their usual scratching spot while you train them to scratch on a stratching post or board/pad.

Check out Aoin for all the other items available!