5 smart kitchen appliances

5 smart appliances for your kitchen that just make sense and will simplify your life!

Bring your kitchen to the future with some really convenient smart appliances that can happily live together with their traditional counterparts.


According to Ayla Networks, an appliance becomes a smart appliance when it is connected to a central system and is able to be programmed or controlled remotely, or operate autonomously, based on input from sensors detecting things like temperature, light levels, or activity.


Smart appliances are still on the expensive side and usually associated with fancy, fully-equipped smart kitchens. While all that remains true, there are appliances within a reasonable budget, allowing you to start building your smart kitchen little by little.

The following options add great extra value to your kitchen while you still keep traditional appliances as long as they work properly and are taken care of by a reliable appliance repair company like ASAP. If I were to start my own smart kitchen, I would begin with some really convenient applainces on the lower-scale of budget. Like these ones, for example:

1.Sensor bin

Convenient and clean, you don’t have to touch your bin to open it ever again! It can also be operated manually or via buttons. It comes in white, black, cream, red and purple.

2. Temperature Control Smart Mug

The perfect smart appliance for tea and coffee lovers! You can control the temperature via an app or from the mug itself. It also includes charging coaster, keeps beverage warmed for up to 1.5 hours, or all day when placed on coaster.


3. Smart Indoor Garden

This smart indoor garden is ideal for people living in flats or people that, for whatever reason, can’t grow herbs outside. Or simply you want to grow your plants all year round instead of seasonally! It uses water and patented nutrients to naturally grow plant -no herbicides, no pesticides, non-GMO. You can grow up to 6 plants in this garden and they’ll love the 20 watts of high performance, energy efficient LED lighting.

4. Automatic Pot Stirrer

This is the kind of thing you didn’t know you need it until you have it. With this automatic stirrer you can multitask while cooking and letting it to do the stirring job. It has 3 speeds (high, medium and low) to meet your different cooking needs. With strong power that can quickly stir eggs, cream, butter, etc. It will save you time and effort!

5. Automatic Touchless Soap Dispenser

An Amazon classic for a reason. This sleek-looking infrared motion soap dispenser not only works perfectly for the kitchen, but also for your bathroom. There are different designs throughout Amazon but this one is one of the best-looking, and still quite cheap!

There are also tons of smart appliances that are just the smart version of a tradition appliance. For example, we all got an over in our kitchens, but there are also smart ovens. The same with toasters, refrigerators, dishwashers, coffee makers, microwaves, you name it.

Which ones would you choose as your first smart kitchen appliances?



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