It’s interesting to know that there’s a hairstyle that was inspired from the long tail of an animal, the horse, specifically a Pony, or small horse.

Ponytails became so popular with school-age girls since a flowing hair is most of the time associated with youth because of it’s easy to do feature and simplicity. In doing a ponytail hairstyle, most or all of the hair strands are pulled away from the face and is gathered at the back of the head and secures with ribbons, hair ties or clips. This allows the hair to hang freely from that point which creates a visual resemblance to the tail of a pony.

However, to rock the ponytail hairdo means you should have a medium to long hair length since all of your hair should be tied all at once. Longer ponytails are preferred since its a symbol of a chic and modern look. Now if are not blessed with long locks, still you don’t have to worry since we stock a 20¡±-22¡± ponytail hair extension just for you!

Long ponytail hair is perfect for a professional look.

Popular choice for strong, modern day, professional ladies, It’s a very clean and classy hairstyle, perfect for working women out there who don’t have the luxury of time to try different hairstyles. Long ponytail clip in extensions can instantly transform your look from a plain Jane into a professional diva! The most important thing is you can keep your hair out of the face and lessen distractions while at work or on a meeting. This neat hairstyle is effortless and can be maintained throughout the day since all you have to do is pull your hair up tightly and secure with an elastic band and you’re ready to step out.

Ponytails are always classy and elegant, thank heavens there are hair extensions!

Once hailed as a royal hairstyle, ponytails has been worn by duchesses, princesses, and queens of the European Monarchy. The longer the ponytail, the more regal and fairy tale like it feels, remember Rapunzel’s long blonde hair? This updo gives a classic and elegant look, and the best thing about this is whether you have straight or curly locks, it doesn’t matter to a ponytail! This hairstyle suits any hair type, and you always have the options to volumise them with the help of ponytail hair extensions. You may have curly, silky, short or medium length hair, and there’s always a ponytail hair extension that can fit your hair perfectly. Or else, just stick with a fairytale princess updo!

Anything goes perfectly with a ponytail, and a long ponytail hair extension does magic.

Ponytails significantly evolved over the ages, and the styles you can choose from have no boundaries. You can go as high on the head or low over the neck, and you can also try super tight or loose ponytails. And since almost anything can go perfectly with a ponytail, why not try blending some colours, we 25 different colours for ponytail hair extensions that you can try to add spice to your look. When you have a ponytail hair extension, there’s nothing to fear!

Long ponytail hair extensions are perfect for special occasions.

Have a special party to attend and want to make a statement? Add a long high pony this time, and you don’t need to play safely in getting a perfect style. Play with your creative mind in styling your ponytail, whether that means wearing your old ribbon again, or simply accessorise without any hesitation. Long ponytail hair extensions are always perfect for special occasions, you can have an Ariana Grande signature look and be the crowd’s eye candy. You’ll be more stunning than ever with long ponytails.

Ponytail hair extensions are very easy to install and remove.

Pre-designed hair extensions can be easier to manage compared to natural hair from Hair Distributors just like ponytail hair extensions. Long ponytail hair extensions are rapidly becoming the crowd’s favourite. Other than it promises an instant beauty transformation, it’s also very easy to install, and you can remove it anytime, anywhere because of its DIY clip in feature.