5 popular decor styles for a restaurant

Food is the most important element of a restaurant. But it’s closely followed by a welcoming and modern decor. These are 5 popular decor style for a restaurant.

Many restaurant owners choose to decorate their restaurant in a way that reflects the food they serve or the feelings they want to evoke in customers.

We want to discuss five popular restaurant decor styles in this article so that you can find the ideal style for your business as well! You can always check your local restaurant construction experts like Acadia Design Consultants to seek more professional advice.

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Restaurants that choose this style reflect the local culture. For example, Mexican restaurants use bright colors; steakhouses feel like gentlemen’s clubs; sushi restaurants mimic Japan; cafés emulate Europe; Italian restaurants often have murals on the walls; French bistros resemble Parisian cafes and Chinese eateries look like pagodas.


Some restaurant owners prefer to decorate their restaurant with vintage pieces that reflect the restaurant’s theme or the restaurant’s name. It can convey a special atmosphere and comfortable vibe for the customers.


Restaurants that feature rustic decor often use wooden furniture and dark colors to create an inviting atmosphere. To add character to your restaurant, hang up different-sized wine bottles with old corks in them.

To add even more character to your restaurant, display old bottles of olive oil on shelves or walls, or use mason jars for drinking glasses.


High design restaurant decor has many colorful elements that are often uniform throughout the restaurant including tile work, furniture, and lighting fixtures.

The restaurant decor is modern and contemporary using sleek lines and clean surfaces without any clutter. If you want to make an impact when customers walk into your restaurant, choose high design restaurant decor.


This restaurant decor is just like it sounds – sloppy, chaotic, and unorganized but in a chic way. This restaurant decor is about creating an industrial look using raw materials such as unfinished wood, brick walls, and ductwork.

Industrial restaurant decor includes sculptures made from scrap metal, lamps that feature exposed light bulbs and hanging chain decorations that have been retrofitted into chandeliers.

The restaurant industry is among the most competitive in the world today. Whether you are a restaurant owner or a restaurant designer, this article will help you understand how to create a restaurant decor style that separates your restaurant from your competitors.

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