5 colors house painters would recommend

When in doubt, it’s always a good idea to listen to the experts. These are 5 colors house painters would recommend.

House painting is a great way to spruce up the interior and exterior. There are several house paint colors that professional house painting contractors suggest for first-timers or anyone who wants to give their house a little facelift without spending too much money.

Here are 5 house painting colors house painters would recommend:

1) Beige

This color is timeless. It never goes out of style and it compliments pretty much everything, which makes it an excellent choice for people who want something neutral without having to make any decision about what color they should go with.

Plus, beige will hide dirt really well! If you don’t know how often you’ll be painting over the house paint, beige is a great choice. It’s one of the house paint colors house painters would recommend for first-timers because it can be applied on top of any color and still look good.

beige house
Source: Better Home and Gardens

2) White

This color is slightly brighter than beige, and it is an excellent choice if you want to give your house a fresh and new feel. When house painters think about white house paint, they typically think of crispiness and cleanliness that will bring out the neighborhood appeal even more than it already is!

Like beige, house painters would recommend white as an excellent choice for first-time homeowners because you can always go back to it to freshen up the exterior at times in the future without spending too much money.

white exterior house
Source: MYMOVE


3) Gray

It is one of the modern house paint colors people use on homes. Even if you’ve never painted anything in your life, you might not go wrong with gray! It tends to be a little bit more expensive than some other colors, which is why it typically falls in line with white and beige when people are looking for an entire neighborhood to match together -perfect if you want uniformity throughout the exterior of your home.

gray house exterior
Source: WallaPainting

4) Yellow

Yellow is another great exterior house painting color that house painters like to use! It’s bright and cheery! It’s a warm house painting color, and it complements lighter colors, making it a great choice for people who want to add an extra touch of energy to their house.

yellow exterior house
Source: My Decorative

5) Blue

House painters love blue, especially exterior house paint blue. They say that no matter what your style is on the inside of your house, this house painting color will go with everything you do! Plus, it’s one of those colorful house paint colors house painters would recommend.

It’s perfect in bathrooms, too, so it’s not just a good choice for paint. If you want to see why shower panels are affordable and stylish, try a marine blue finish in your bathroom or wet room.

blue house color
Source: Style by Emily Henderson

Painting your house will be a rewarding experience, and you can pick the most stunning color for your lovely home.

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