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When you choose a sequin dress for prom, or any formal event, you can be sure that all eyes will be on you. That’s why it is so important to pick the right accompanying pieces and accessories, it’s also why it can be so difficult.

Sequins are eye-catching and bold, so you need to let the dress stand out on its own by keeping the rest of the look pretty low-key. Don’t worry, though, you don’t have to be boring about your look, you just need to keep in mind the event or location to make sure you are dressed appropriately.

Here is our guide to getting it right when you wear a sequin dress.

1.Keep Things Simple

When you put on a sequin dress, you just know that the sparkle and shine will make it the focal point of your ensemble. Piling on the statement accessories may make you look over done. So, keep things simple. Don’t try to pair a sequin dress with shoes and a clutch that have matching sequins or rhinestones. Also, stay well clear of heavy or chunky jewellery. Instead, opt for delicate stud earrings. If the dress is strapless or sports a V-neck or scoop, a basic pendant necklace on a thin chain will be just perfect. Or, skip the necklace altogether and choose a classy cocktail ring instead. Be sure to pick metal rather than gemstones for your jewellery so that you don’t compete with the dress.

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2. Add a Touch of Elegance

Sometimes, sequin dresses may give you an air of a Vegas showgirl, and that’s no good for prom. So, to make sure you look classy, use accessories that offer an elegant feel to your look. Pearls are great if you want to ensure that the dress looks classy. A pearl princess-length neckless or choker with a V-neck, scoop, or strapless dress will look really elegant. If the top of the dress has a higher neckline, choose a strand of rope-length pearls and accompany with simple pearl stud earrings.

Image source: PromDressShop

3. Experiment with Texture

As for your bag and shoes to accompany your sequin dress, picking materials with a similar sheen will make the look overdone. Use striking textures to add visual interest. For instance, pair your dress with black suede shoes and matching clutch. If your sequins are more neutral in colour, play around and pair with a red velvet handbag that will make your outfit pop.

4. It’s Okay to Go Casual

A sequin dress is usually set aside for special events. But, don’t forget you will get more wear out of it if you find casual ways to wear your dress once the event has come and gone. For instance, add a denim jacket, biker boots, and textured tights if you’re heading out for dinner with the girls. Alternatively, stick on a dark t-shirt over the dress and use the bottom of it as a funky skirt. Off to a more formal event? Pair the dress with a fitted blazer and flats for a chic look.

Remember the tips above and rest assured that you’ll rock on a sequin dress in any event!