When you buy a property, one of the first questions is «what colours will I use to decorate it?». To answer that, I’m sharing 4 modern house decor colour palettes, which can be particularly helpful if your style is either femenine or elegant.

I’ll start with a controversial statement: I don’t follow (or care about) house colour trends. Seems a bit weird coming from a fashion person who does follow fashion trends. But unlike adding a particular shape of bag or replacing some skinny jeans for looser fits, house-related stuff is quite expensive.

I’m aware of what big industry websites like Ideal Home recommends: comforting shades like beige or pale pink, warm neutrals like oak apple and mushroom, and even hints that green is the new grey. But when you’re a new homeowner, the most exciting part is expressing your own style in your house decor, instead of following trends (imo).

Once you’ve finally finished all the boring legal part of buying a property and you’re given your keys, it’s time for some fun! Just make sure that in the middle of the excitement you don’t get locked out and need last-minute home lockout assistance from a certified locksmith. No joke, it happened once to my and my husband, we both left for our usual weekend grocery shop and assumed the other one took their keys, only to find out that neither of us actually did! It’s not a nice situation to experience on a Sunday, I’ll tell you that!

Blush Pink, White/Grey, Rose Gold

Back to house colour palettes, my first and most obvious choice is one involving my beloved rose gold. I’m a sucker for feminine aesthetics, and a palette made from blush pink, milky white and rose gold sounds heavenly to me. This colour combination is usually seen with grey too. Warm grey if it’s blush pink, cool grey if it’s just pink.

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Pink, Green, White/Wood

A funkier combination with pink would be green. Both are contrasting colours, yet they work well together when there’s a neutral in the middle, like white or wood. This combination is not particularly my cup of tea but it looks great in some spaces and even wall art as shown at Nordic Wall Art.

Pink And Green Leaves Wall Art Tropical Botany Palm Leaves Monster Canvas  Prints – NordicWallArt.com
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Black, White, Gold

Walking away from girly pinks, there’s one classic colour combination that stays current and will always look modern because of it’s timeless quality. Black, white and gold. As they’re so visually contrasting, you have to be wise with the way you use them. I would suggest leaving black either for sofas, floors, lamps or coffee tables. The last two can also be great points for golden accents.

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20 Black And White Living Room Decor Ideas - The Wonder Cottage
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Navy Blue, Light Blue, Mushroom Grey

If you’re indeed interested in the trends for 2021, you can kill two birds in one stone using two shades of blue and warm neutrals in one palette. Combine navy blue with lighter, cleaner blues and finish it up with warm neutrals like mushroom grey or sage green.

blue painted wall panelling
Source: Ideal Home
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Never forget that the styles and colours you pick for your interior should be also be present in outdoor spaces like patios, gardens, balconies and driveways. This would bring a coherence and even provide a full experience when someone visits your place.



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