As interlocking driveways become more popular, many people are beginning to wonder why interlocking is such a good idea. Here are 4 benefits of interlocking driveways:

Durability and Strenght

An interlocking driveway, like all interlocking products, has incredible strength because it is made of interlocked pieces that fit together tightly. Because interlock pavers are installed with the joints offset from one another, they do not have wide open cracks or seams where water can collect – unlike traditional paving stones that have pointed ends on each joint which create channels for water to seep through into the subgrade below.

2. Aesthetics

Interlock pavers offer homeowners an attractive alternative to regular driveways thanks to the wide variety of interlock colors and styles available. Custom interlocking driveways can be designed to match your home perfectly!


house with interlocked driveway

3. Flexibility of Design

Interlock pavers are also user-friendly because they can easily be repaired, replaced or reconfigured if necessary. There is no need to replace the entire driveway just because a few interlocking pavers have crumbled away – instead, you can remove and repair just those that are cracked or damaged.

Installing interlocking driveways in a basket weave pattern provides an attractive look as well as a surface that is easy to walk on without fear of tripping, since each interlocking piece has at least four points making contact with the ground which will make it more difficult for plant roots and other debris to work its way into interlock joints.

4. Ease of Installation

Interlocking driveways are much simpler to install than concrete or asphalt driveways, because interlock pavers are so easy to handle and interlock together in a variety of patterns. Once an interlocking pattern has been decided upon, it is simply a matter of setting the interlocks into crushed gravel filled trenches – no mortar required!

When interlocked properly, interlock pavers will not shift out of position over time, unlike regular paving stones that can become loose with temperature variations or heavy use .

Many homeowners enjoy installing their own interlocking driveways using do-it-yourself interlocking kits which are designed for low cost installation by anyone who is capable of digging a trench and spreading gravel.

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