If your knowledge of shapewear is not Kim Kardashian level yet, you came to the right post. We’re going to talk about the 3 most essential shapewear items for newbies.

If there’s a good moment to start wearing shapewear, it’s during fall/winter. As clothes tend to look baggier or layered up so no one will notice your new secret wardrobe addition, while you get used to wearing shapewear. This season also brings parties and festive gatherings, and we all want to look our best.

Even after the Holidays and all the yummy (yet caloric) food, we want to get rid of those extra pounds fast (hello gym New Years resolutions). And by ‘fast’, sometimes I mean ‘immedite’. And yes, you can do that! Look at the people showing their waist trainer before and after photos if you don’t believe me. It’s crazy what shapewear can do.

So, tempted to wear shapewear but don’t know where to start? Check out these essentials!


The most popular body part people need help shaping is the abdomen area, where the tummy and the waist are. It makes sense, as it’s the first place fat sits in when we don’t burn it. And it’s the reason why the words «flat abdomen» throw 87,500,000 results on Google.

You might want a little help ironing out those annoying waist rolls or flatenning out a small «beer belly». Or you might want to use a waist trainer for women to rush your gym results. Whatever the reason, a waist trainer got you covered.



Shaper shorts are usually a 3-in-1 because most models come with high waisted tummy control included, a butt lifting effect and thigh control as well. That makes this type of shapewear extremely popular. You can have almost all the benefits of a waist trainer while also tackling other stubborn areas.

The brand Shapellx* has a shorts model that even adds a fourth benefit: hip enhacement. They do this through removable foam pads that form a structure that round the hips up for a perfect hourglass silhouette.


It might sound extremely but it’s still one of the most popular shapewear items out there and it’s part of the essentials. A full body shaper looks like a bodysuit, some of them come with 3/4 sleeves, but the majority is sleeveless. Another variation you can find is around the legs: not all of them offer thigh control.

The last variation is usally in the bust, as many women prefer to wear their own bras, the open-bust model might be more convenient than the ones with built-in bras. But both types are still considered full body shapers. This type of shapewear is great for underneath dresses!

If you’re on the curvy side, a waist and thigh trainer plus size would do wonders for your figure! It will create the desired hourglass shape without changing or hiding your curves -only accentuating them.