An accessory for another accessory? Yes. This season is all about being extra! Let’s see 3 excellent handbag accessories perfect for summer!

Why buy a new handbag when you can accessorise the one you’ve already got? After all, you accessorise every other element of your outfit, so why not the bag as well? It’s a brilliant way of taking a handbag and giving it more oomph.

This makes the piece more attractive, but you can also style it depending on where you’re going, or what season you’re in. Speaking of which – and it’s crazy to be saying this already – but we’re almost in the summer months again. So, here are three handbag accessories that are great for this season:

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Adding some little charms or keychains to your handbag is one of the simplest ways of accessorising it. This adds a new dimension of fun to your bag, jazzing it up from its old self. Seeing as we’re looking for summer inspiration, you should opt for lots of lively and summery charms to hang from your bag.

Think about things that give off summer vibes, and attach them wherever you can. Obviously, don’t go overboard when you’re adding these charms. They should be a subtle accessory that’s noticeable without being too overpowering. That’s literally the key to all accessories – when they become overpowering, they’re no longer an accessory. 


A brooch works beautifully on a bag, and it can be used in a couple of different ways. One idea is to add a brooch to the bag strap, which is a great idea if you wear the bag over your shoulder. Another idea is to attach the brooch to the main part of the bag, transforming its visual appearance. Either way, the style of brooch really makes a difference to the bag.

Things like Irish jewelry brooches work really well here, and they add some zing to your bag in the summer. This is a good thing to add if you want to improve your bag game when going to work in the summer months. Obviously, you can get other brooch designs as well, so have a look around and figure out which ones suit you the most.

Bag straps

The third and final handbag accessory is a big one; the strap itself. One of the beauties of handbags is that most come with detachable straps. This means you can walk around without any straps at all, but it also means you’re free to chop and change the strap design.

Adding a more vibrant and summery strap to your bag can be ideal in the sunnier months of the year. For me, it’s all about pairing it with your outfits and your bag – when everything fits together, it creates a super awesome look. 

Accessorising your bag should be something everyone looks into doing. These ideas may have a summer twist to them, but you can easily find ways to accessorise your bag in the spring, winter or autumn. It is a brilliant way to reinvigorate an old bag without needing to go out and spend loads of money on a new one.