First of all, I hope you my lovelies had a wonderful and magical Christmas Day with your loved ones. Now, a new year starts in just a few days, and we’re all looking back to 2017 filled with different emotions and certainly a lot of memories.

It was the craziest year ever for me and it came with many challenges, big challenges… This year I learned a lot about life, love and even about myself. I realized that I was underestimating myself in many aspects, and that I am more capable than I thought. I faced my fears and came out stronger, I crossed an ocean and felt free, I laughed and cried so much that I felt alive.

I’m grateful for having met such wonderful people, and I’m crossing my fingers to see them all again in the future. I feel calm because I know I fought and keep fighting for what I consider important. As random as all this may sound for you (or hopefully, some of you feel related), I assure you each and every word I’m typing right now comes from my heart. 2017 was an epic year, and I just wish it sets the stage for an even more epic 2018. 🙂

Fashion-wise (sorry, was this what everyone was expecting? Lol, sorry it took me this long), I’m happy to have had the chance to collaborate with great brands, including this year for the first time, decoration, beauty and skincare brands 🙂 That was a big step for Style by Deb and I’m excited to continue doing more of those posts.

For this recap I selected 12 of my favorite OOTD posts (chronological order) and a bonus that features 3 non-fashion-related posts: Parts I & II of my Travel Diary to Buenos Aires and Patagonia with my bf early this year and my favorite Insta-post of the year: August Instagram recap, my first month in London. <3

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1.Oversize – 2. Off-the-shoulder action – 3. Red for Valentines Day – 4. Style by Deb’s 4th Bloggiversary!

5. Black Choker Bodysuit & Flared Skirt – 6. Blue Coat & Flare Jeans – 7. Birthday Post & Fun Q&A!! – 8. Floral Maxi Dresss & Strappy Sandals

9. Romper Love – 10. Cold-shoulder blouse & Flared Jeans – 11. All-black: Double Buckle Belt & Choker Bodysuit – 12. Navy Blue Autumn Romper





Among balances, wishes, dreams and fears we enter 2018. I won’t go deep again with my thoughts haha don’t worry, I have only one more thing to say, which is wishing you all lots of love, success and most importantly, happiness. Thanks for being part of Style by Deb one more year, lovelies! Happy 2018, Happy New Year!!!!