Being Latina, everyone assumes I can automatically dance, especially tango because I’m from Argentina, where tango was created. However on the dancefloor, the rare occasions I dare to step on one, I always disappoint. Dancing is not my forte but hey, those sparkling dresses dancers wear always make me swoon. Zkaka* is a store that creates beautiful dancewear among other clothing styles. Follow my moves to see what they have! 😉

Whether you wear it for a ball room dance or even as a costume, these 1920s dresses are stunning. The colors, patterns made of sequins, rich textures and intricate details make these dresses the belle of the ball! Also to bear in mind, the prices from all the 1920s dresses range from $33 to $57 at the moment, now that makes me wanna dance!

Strictly Vintage Looking

These first 5 dresses I picked have a strong 20’s flapper vibe, they’re perfect for some some latin dances and jazz. One of them is like a gorgeous gown for an elegant gala or Downtown Abbey kind of dinner. 😉

1920s Sequin Flapper Vintage Dress

1920s Sequin Fringed Latin Dance Dress

1920s Sequin Fringe Latin Dance Dress

Sequined Decorative Drooping Tassel Strap Retro Skirt

Modern Retro 1920 Gorgeous Pattern Dress

Modern with Subtle Hints

Now I found some other dresses that look actually pretty modern but with a subtle 20’s hint in the sequined pattern or loose silhouette. Any of these dresses would be the bomb for a new year’s eve for example, or your birthday party! Or any occasion where you know you can hit a dancefloor!

Women’s Sequin Latin Mini Dress

Womens Sheer Sequined V Neck Latin Dress

Shiny Scales Decorate Vintage Gatsby 1920s Dress

Sexy Backless Modern Cocktail Party Fashion Retro One-Piece Sequin Dress

Gray-Toned Pink Shiny Vintage Gatsby One-Piece Dress

Zkaka also offers pin up dresses, swimwear and dancewear in general, so it’s definitely worth checking them out! You’ll be surprised of the mix of accurately-looking retro dresses and modern pieces. Which dress is your favorite, lovelies?



All images courtesy of Zkaka