Hi lovelies, I’m happy to be back with a new OOTD post. So, the weekend we shot my outfit pics it was constantly raining so we had to relocate the whole shoot to a shopping centre, lol. Blogger problems, innit? 😉 And actually, that got me thinking, what would be a good place to go when it’s raining and you have a day off or it’s the weekend? I came up with not one but ten ideas!

Shopping centre

If you’re anything like me, walking through a shopping centre always distracts me and even cheers me up. It happened to me sometimes, when I would be a bit melancholic and homesick, I would go to one of my favourite malls in London, which is Westfield Stratford, and spend there like 4 hours just walking in and out the stores, checking every single new makeup product in Boots or Superdrug and, of course, shopping. Whether you’re going alone or with a friend, it’s always fun.

Restaurant, cafe or pub

Depending what are you in the mood for, a warm cup of coffee in a cafe, a nice meal in a restaurant or some drinks in your local pub, these places are a no brainer. You can go with friends, your parter, you parents, your children or solo. Bonus point if you choose a place with a fire for double coziness.

A friend’s house

Why not? You have a bestie that always tells you to help her with a wardrobe cleanse? Perfect activity for a rainy day together. Your friend needs to talk about their latest Tinder date over some red wine? Rainy afternoon alert. You and your bff just want to chill and watch a movie together? Bring the popcorn. Just make sure to text and ask your friend first, lol.


A classic that never gets old. Cinema is the perfect option to kill some time while it’s raining, and there’s always an option for everyone, children included. Plus, who doesn’t love eating popcorn while watching their Hollywood crush on the big screen? I’m a simple gal, you guys xD


There’s always an interesting play in any city’s theatre. Now, I’m aware it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, myself included, but at the same time I also know people who enjoy watching a play or a musical. Can be a fun and first-time experience for you and some friends or partner!

Indoor Climbing

Who said you can’t practice a cool sport when it’s raining? Indoor climbing can be a super fun option if you had planned a day packed with adventure but suddenly the rain starting pouring.


No matter which city you are, there will be always tons of interesting museums around. This is not only for history lovers, actually, it’s for anyone who’s curious enough about culture, nature or well, yeah, history. There are also very fun and educational museums for kids which offer interactive games, dinosaur exhibitions and more.

Art Gallery

Similar to museums, art galleries are great interesting places to spend one or two hours indoors. Chances are that you end up loving the exhibition they had that week.

Beauty Salon

This is a great one, I know firsthand lol. Manis take forever sometimes, and what better time to go for one than when it’s raining? In need of a haircut? Your eyebrows need to be redone? It can be a productive time and probably less walk-ins than a usual day.

Your house

Yes, I’m for real. There’s nothing wrong with staying home while it’s raining, actually, and don’t kill me, but that’s my favourite place to be when it rains. And probably yours too (I can foresee the comments, lol). Because let’s face it, there’s nothing cosier than a rainy afternoon in Autumn while you indulge in a cup of tea wearing leggings and your favourite jumper, right?

Now tell me, which are the places YOU go when it’s raining?



(making silly faces to bf while going to our location haha)

Top: American Mix – Pants: SheIn – Shoes: Zaful – Bag: Primark