Besides being an actress, singer and writer, Zooey Deschanel can add “designer” to her long list of skills. The “New Girl” star is now launching a capsule collection for Tommy Hilfiger, one of the icons of the All-American style.


“To Tommy, from Zooey” is the name of the line which includes 16 dresses that retails from $98 to $199 and extremely cute accessories like purses and necklaces. Bounded by their mutual love for red, white and blue, the colours of the American flag, both artists created a preppy collection with a strong focus on details such as peek-a-boo pockets, pleats with unexpected patterns on the inside, contrasting buttons, cuffs and collars.

Celeb-Q and A-Zooey Deschanel

«They’re all designed to look good on a variety of body shapes, because there are a lot of shapes that only suit one type of women, and I really wanted this [collection] to suit a lot of different women,» Deschanel told Pret-a-Reporter in a sit-down interview at the Tommy Hilfiger store on Robertson Boulevard. The Hollywood actress’ added to the adorable collection her signature sixties style, and described the result as “very mod and also very American-inspired.”

Celeb-Q and A-Zooey Deschanel

But the duo is not over yet. Their next project together will be designing the outfit for this year’s MET Gala, where Zooey will accompany the designer on May 5.


Deschanel’s «To Tommy From Zooey» line is now available at Macy’s, tommy.com and in specialty Tommy stores starting on April 21.

Celeb-Q and A-Zooey Deschanel

What do you think about the collection? Check the lookbook!



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