Hi my lovelies! Let’s talk about one of my passions when it comes to fashion: accessories. I ventured to try Zaful jewelry for my last collab (you’ll see OOTDs featuring the clothes next week) crossing my fingers everything goes right cause I really loved the little pieces I was ordering. Last year I tried a set of 8 chokers from the store and some of them broke kinda fast so I was hoping that the quality of this jewelry would be better.

So, in case you didn’t know, I call myself the Lady of the Rings because of my obsession with these beautiful accessories. I have many rings in both, golden and silver, and in different sizes including many midis. I used to love big rings with big rocks when I was a teenager, and now I’m more into the cute and geometrical style.

It’s been a while since I haven’t picked any boho ones but when I saw this set of four rings in Zaful I couldn’t resist. Plus in fact, there’s one of them that looks really classy! (the one with a white oval stone in the middle). That’s probably my favorite one from the bunch. It feels fairly sturdy so I’m guessing it will last, and the design of it it’s just super elegant yet cool.

The blue one is definitely the most gypsy one of the set but I like it. The design on the sides, in the silver metal part is cool and almost mysterious. 🙂 Now, moving onto my least favorite, we‘ve got this rounded stone that reflects in an almost holographic way (which is cool) but it unfortunately lacks a bit of quality. The stone is not correctly placed and feels a bit plastic, and the material is not as sturdy as the other ones.

Last but not least: the midi ring. I actually like this one quite a lot! I think the design is lovely and the texture around the ring is cool. It looks amazing when you put it on, again in a super bohemian way, I almost feel like a fortune teeler or something, lol! But I reaaally love it. Hope it doesn’t break, tho! Feels a bit too light :/

The necklace was love at first sight: I’m obsessed with layered necklaces, I find them cool, trendy and they make the neck and clavicle bones look so delicate and feminine. This Zaful necklace has 4 layers: a pear-shaped faux diamond, a cute half-moon and two golden flat circles in different sizes, quite chic. They look exactly like in the website! I’m only hoping the chain doesn’t break cause I wanna wear this necklace a lot!!