Hi babes! I’m super excited to share the second collab with the brand What’s In It For Me UK (don’t you just love the name, tho?), a British brand dedicated to bring the best ingredient mixes for your right skin care.

Last time, I reviewed their hand cream and body cream HERE, and this time it’s turn for the Walnut shell to naturally exfoliate, sweet almond oil to rejuvenate the skin, plus orange and jasmine flower extract for an uplifting floral fragrance shower scrub*. As you can read in the package itself, this shower scrub works in your skin by exfoliating and rejuvenating it, leaving a gorgeous orange and jasmine flower fragrance. Of course, you can use this shower scrub all year round but that subtle fragrance combination to me makes it perfect for summer.

It’s crazy how you can feel softness in your skin even still in the shower, just seconds after the exfoliation. But the product is not harsh or aggressive in your skin by any means, so you can use it without fear. After some uses I also started feeling the skin of my legs less dry thanks to the sweet almond oil, so double score!

I absolutely love this body scrub, and I happily use it before applying my already beloved body cream also from What’s In It For Me. I tested three of their products so far and the three of them have been amazing so I’d love for you to check them out in their website or purchase their products available online at Harvey Nichols and Fragrance Direct because they’re worth it. <3