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As promised, today I’m gonna share with you the second and last part of our trip to Buenos Aires and Chubut. On my previous Travel Diary I covered San Telmo and Trevelin. Now, and just like in the trip, the second part starts with the little Welsh town of Gaiman, in Chubut and finishes in the classy neighborhood of Recoleta, Buenos Aires.

We arrived in Gaiman after a 7 hour road trip from Trevelin. We basically drove from one extreme to the other of the province of Chubut so we were pretty exhausted. In moments like that we thanked having chosen a small hotel because the hostess made us feel like home.

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Gwesty Plas y Coed is a lovely Welsh hotel and Tea House that felt cozy and welcoming since the moment we stepped in. The hostess speaks fluent Welsh so I bet my boyfriend was delighted to finally have a conversation with someone without me translating every word, haha! Such a lovely and kind woman, she helped us with all our doubts.

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The walls were filled with little Welsh details and lovespoons and the name of the rooms were in Welsh too.

In Gaiman we visited many places historically related to the first Welsh settlers.

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We also had the chance to see this gorgeous sunset on the road and we stopped to take some pics, obvi. 😉

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Breakfast in the Gwesty the morning before leaving Gaiman.

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So far in the entire trip we had been sticking to our itinerary but it’s always fun to improvise a bit and so we did when we decided to head to the beach hours before our flight back to Buenos Aires.

We drove to Puerto Madryn and spent just a couple of hours there, but I can tell you it was worth it. The blue ocean water felt so refreshing after those three days in a super dry town. I wish we could’ve stayed there a bit longer but still, I’m so glad we manage to find that beach and relax for a few hours.

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Orange sunset view from our plain to Buenos Aires.

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Back in the city we stayed at Ker Recoleta Hotel for two days. Weather wasn’t that helpful this time but it was cool cause we just wanted to rest before Valentine’s Day and our bittersweet last day together on the 15th. We stayed in the hotel for those rainy days and go out for lunch and dinner only.

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On Monday, following our plans, we switched to another hotel in Recoleta, the ARC Recoleta Hotel and I’m glad we did so cause it felt like the right place for the last days together. We both loved this hotel and its comfortable room with a cute balcony included, the yummy breakfast and the Jacuzzi and sauna facilities. Again, as it was quite rainy the outdoor pool in the roof terrace wasn’t available. 🙁 That didn’t stop us from walking around the neighborhood and (literally) getting lost in the big city for one last time.

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We visited on of the most iconic places in the neighborhood and one of the most important touristic attractions in Buenos Aires, the Recoleta Cemetery. But don’t think of it as a macabre, Halloween-kind of tour. I really want to stress the surprising beauty and peace of this place: you can wander for hours in this incredible City of the Dead –the name refers to the way the cemetery is laid out, very much like a miniature city. You can get lost walking around the blocks, stone streets, alleys and even little squares. All of it lined with intricately detailed statues and impressive marble mausoleums. Many are unquestionably works of art. Past presidents, military heroes, influential politicians and the just plain rich and famous have made it past the gates here.

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Walking around Palermo on our last night together.

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Tourism-wise, there’s not much more I could write about. The rest of the memories are just ours and I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t even be interesting for you guys 🙂 I can tell you it was the greatest adventure of my life mostly because I had the chance to experience it with the love of my life. The moment we said goodbye at the hotel’s entrance, knowing that we weren’t going to see each other for several months, I felt extremely sad but at the same time grateful for the this lovely adventure we shared and, more importantly, excited for the new ones we will create in the future.

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Thanks for reading and allowing me to share these precious moments with you. If you ever want to visit Buenos Aires or Chubut and have some questions don’t hesitate in dropping me a email and I’ll be happy to help! 🙂




PD, tal como dije en la primera parte de este post, mis disculpas a quienes no hablen inglés y esperaban este post en español. La razón es la misma que con el post anterior, son tan largos en un solo idioma que se verían interminables en dos. Perdón!