Well technically it’s three mini reviews and what I meant is one post but the title sounds cooler this way lol. So basically I took three different bags I’ve never shown properly on the blog (or never show at all) to give them their time to shine (?) and review them.

The first bag is this absolutely adorable Gucci dupe (there, I said it lol) that was only like $25 in Lightinthebox. Now, in case you don’t remember, I was coming from a disappointing first experience with that store, and to be honest they kinda redeemed themselves, at least quality-wise. This bag is lovely, the design is chic, all the details are in the right place and the material is super structured and sturdy. Love the baby blue color contrasting with the already iconic Gucci-like stripes and golden chains. The interior is perfectly made too, it has two divisions or compartments and a little pocket with a zipper. I do love this cute little bag a lot!!

The second one is also from Lightinthebox, but in this case it’s a tote bag. This grey tote bag is lovely but it doesn’t hold up much inner space as it looks because the material is quite thick. I find it a good neutral bag with cute but subtle details such as triangle-shaped textures all over the front and a faux fur detail in the zipper along with a faux leather leave. The bag is a bit heavy but it’s nice, it’s $30 and I like it very much. 🙂

After two different experiences with Lightinthebox what I can recommend is if you ever want to venture into their store remember to be super patient because orders can take up MANY months to arrive, and if you’re unsure about what to but, definitely go to their bags section because the quality is overall GOOD, even better than the clothes themselves, I can tell you that with the same honesty as I just tell you the bad stuff.

Moving on to the last bag, which I think happens to be my favorite one of the bunch, is this gorgeous Rosegal white and camel embroidered bag. Oh boy, this bag is soooo cute, it feels modern but classic at the same time, the golden bar detail is exquisite and the embroidery is absolutely delicate. The color combination is still kinda neutral so it can work with many outfits. Love the material and the construction, everything is in place and looks like good quality. I have nothing bad to say about it at all and you should give Rosegal a try when it comes to bags <3

Which bag did you like the most babes?