Dreaming of being wed in a small yet breath-taking place surrounded by a handful number of people that matter to you the most? Then an intimate wedding would be perfect for you. By the way, this post and the previous one wearing a white dress is pure coincidence, I’m not trying to hint anything on you, lol.

Going for a small private wedding has its own advantages, and among them is that it would be easier to organise and it would feel like a celebration of your love rather than a production.

While you won’t be feeling pressured organising a large party, you may find that it’s not easy to choose a place that will be a perfect fit for your intimate wedding, as most wedding venues are designed for large crowds.

Intimate proposals usually lead to intimate weddings, especially if having a short guest list and small venue is more of your style. Check out a selection of engagement rings, grab those unique pieces from a trusted jeweller and present it to the woman you love, perhaps over an intimate dinner for two. After getting the woman’s “yes”, the next thing you have to do is to start planning the wedding, and here are three tips to help you out.

Decide on a budget.

A small guest list either means that you’ll be able to spend less or you’ll have more money to treat every guest with finer catering. You can also concentrate your spending on other wedding arrangements, like having more lavish floral arrangements, a more skilled make-up artist, or more known photographer.

You may invest on exquisite jewellery, which you will wear on the wedding day and for the rest of your life. You can shop online for these pieces and stay on the budget. There are serveral options to choose from, just head over to https://www.aedesignjewellery.com.au/.

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Choose your venue

You won’t have to restrict yourself to venues that are traditional. You will just be inviting a smaller number of people to come to your wedding. The fewer number of guests turning up allows you to get quite creative about the venue. Get that place that is memorable to you and your partner or have the wedding held somewhere new. You can even get more adventurous by making the wedding venue itself, where everything is tailored in accordance to what you want. There’s also that  “destination wedding” you can consider wherein it would feel like a holiday for you and your guests.

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Come up with a guest list.

This might be the most difficult part of the planning. You’ll have to be systematic on how you decide on who to invite because your guest list will be very limited. To make it easier, list everyone you would love to see in your wedding, then start cutting people out of the list up to a number that the venue would be able to handle.

How to choose? Include only your family and friends that you have seen in the last three months. If after editing some people out the list is still too bloated, decide whose presence means the most or who are the most important people in your life.

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It’s All About What You Want

What really matters is that you get the wedding you want. It’s your day, and whichever way you plan your wedding, the most important thing is that you’re happy. Go for a budget, a venue, and guest list that you are comfortable with. No need to get carried away and be forced into a larger wedding you don’t want just to please other people. In fact, people who truly care for you would only want to see you happy on one of the most unforgettable and most important days of your life.



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