“What’s in it for me..?” is not just a thought whenever I grab a cool cream and read carefully what the ingredients in it will do for my skin. What’s In It For Me is the name of the brand of my current favorite hand cream* and body cream*, and let me tell you, there’s a lot in it for you too.

Starting from their cool packaging and presentation, these “totally selfish, indulgent, in love with yourself products” proudly made in the UK are a real gem in the skincare industry. Quality is great and I guess a proof of that is that you can find them in Harvey Nichols as well as in Fragrance Direct 😉 There you can find not only these two cream I’m gonna review today, but also body cleansers, daily shampoos, body scrubs and hand washes. The exotic mix of ingredients in all their products makes them unique, exclusive and different from the rest, without compromising their effectiveness.


I’m obsessed with this hand cream! Perfume is delicious and feels so feminine. The cream has grapefruit, sweet almond oil, plus pro vitamin B5 and vitamin E to revitalize and moisturize the skin. My hands feel so soft and smell so good after I apply this cream. It’s like an instant dose of femininity for your hands! I can’t get enough of it.


Following the great quality of any of their products, this body cream is now part of my holy grail of body creams, and I’m aware that’s quite a statement. It is said to be a mix of orchid, ylang ylang, jasmine and violet oil to nourish, plus cedar wood oil to leave skin seductively soft. And hell yeah it was seductive, just ask my boyfriend 😉 You can totally feel the strong floral presence in the perfume, but it’s like wrapped by an overall fresh smell perfect for after a nice shower.

Both of these products are now two of the most deliciously smelling creams I ever had, and neither of them disappoints in terms of quality. I’ll be definitely repurchasing them when they’re finished. <3

Have you tried any of their creams? Check out What’s In It For Me for a complete range of their products!