Following up the first installment of my wedding series, I now want to share with you guys the rest of the look for the bride and groom, a.k.a Rob and I. you know by now that my dress was from CocoMelody and it made me feel like a princess that day, but what about the rest of the look?


There was one thing I was convinced I was going to get from the very first moment: a tiara. Do I have a royalty complex? Maybe, I don’t know, I just know I loved the look of a nice and classy tiara on my wedding day and that’s what I went straight for. Another thing I knew from the beginning was that I wanted my accessories to be all rose gold. Spoiler alert: the whole wedding theme was the color rose gold lol, but done nicely.

Anyway, why rose gold? Because it’s my favorite color and I raved so much about to my then fiance that he got me a real rose gold engagement ring, therefore I wanted all my accessories to match the main one, the ring. I looked for rose gold tiaras (the color, not the metal, I’m not rich lol) and I found this gorgeous one on Amazon nonetheless. It had the right size (not too big not too small), the right amount of stones and the perfect rose gold shade. It was quite risky because the item had no reviews whatsoever so here I was yet again, ordering a crucial part of my bridal look online without having seeing it in real life. But the risk paid off (yes, yet again) because the tiara was even more beautiful in person, it was sturdy and durable, and I didn’t have literally one single stone falling from it, even though I wore it the entire day. It came with two rose gold bobby pins that came quite handy. I’m sad now that I don’t have any other opportunity for wearing that tiara, maybe an editorial-esque royalty photoshoot for the blog coming soon? Haha.


Ooh that was another big task, and yes, I went only again. Thing is guys, I live in a small city and I usually don’t like the things being sold here, hence 80% of my clothes and items coming from abroad. But like it or not, there was literally no rose gold shoes in my city. People even asked wtf rose gold was, despite the obvious name of the color. Anyway, thank goodness for Zalando. I found tons of options there, literally I couldn’t pick one! But I ended up going for a pointed toe shoe with a 9.5cm stiletto heel from New Look. It was rose gold with a beautiful glittery mesh texture all over, and the glitters would reflect the light beautifully. The second I tried it on I knew it was going to be a nice, comfortable shoe. And I wasn’t wrong. I literally didn’t take my heels off from the very first moment in the preparation to the very last moment of the day in the hotel. They didn’t hurt me one little bit. They were the most benign and chic-looking shoes I could ever ask for. Another score!


As I had so many details going on throughout the whole look, I didn’t want to over do it with the veil as well, so I opted for a single layer, elbow-length tulle veil. It was the most basic veil and it was hard for me sticking to it because there were so many gorgeous options as well, but I’m glad I chose this one because again, the dress was filled with details, I was wearing a nice tiara already, and to me, a simple one layered veil was going to be a classy way to incorporate the item into the look without it looking “too much” or forced. It was from Amazon as well and it was made of a beautiful silky tulle, I absolutely adore it.


Makeup was as big as the dress for me, because guess what people had to be looking at all the time when they see me? My face! Lol. So after a big search I ended up hiring the lovely and talented MUA Daiana Ramadan, and together we created the perfect autumn look with golden, copper and bronze tones for the eyes, warm contour, highlight and blush and mauve lips. I am not Deborah without my signature black cat eye and we added more drama with individual falsies. Daiana also did my mum’s makeup and she loved it, she looked extremely gorgeous and classy. <3


No bridal look is complete without a flower bouquet. I had mine made to order from a local flower shop, along with my bridesmaids’ bouquets. It had white and pink flowers 🙂

That day, even the perfume had a story! I wore my favorite fragrance ever which is the Miss Dior, in the Absolutely Blooming edition, which Rob got for me while he was in Australia last year.

I had no other jewelry on besides the engagement ring and tiara. The dress didn’t allow any because of all the details on the sleeves and neck. Less is more! (says the girl wearing a rose gold tiara…)  Details on our rings are coming in the next installment.


Okay so it took me a while trying to convince my then fiancé to ditch some of his.. extravagant ideas for the big day and trying to show him balance between traditional and still adding his particular style. He found the coolest tuxedo out there, seemingly traditional but with skull patterned lining and back of the vest, a.k.a sleek rock and roll. The whole three-piece tuxedo was from Twisted Tailor, a badass brand with the perfect balance between attitude and class.

A classic black satin bow tie and a white breathable fabric shirt were his traditional bits. He then added against my advice a freaking belt lol but I refuse to talk about it hahaha. The second coolest part of this look besides that tuxedo were his shoes, they were crocodile leather (I don’t’ remember if they were faux or not, tbh) tuxedo shoes. The texture was funky enough but not too over the top for his own wedding, because after all, he was wearing a traditional three-piece tuxedo.

As for accessories, he wore a black and green feather brooch instead of pinned flowers and a silver and black ring. The sweet touch was his late grandsmother’s gold cross, which means a lot to him and his family. <3

So guys, I tried making this as concise as I could lol. And I’m aware I’m a bit late for installments about my wedding which happened like more than a month ago, but as my blog is like my little corner on the internet, I still want my wedding to be part of this blog in a way, so even though I’m late reporting all these details I’m happy that I can at least have the space to do it.



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