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Wow, how fast time went by this year! I can’t believe it’s already December! Time for getting all festive, decorating our houses with Christmas lights and stockings and, my personal favorite, setting up our Christmas tree, yay!!! But first let me make a proper goodbye to a great month by sharing some Insta-moments with you. 🙂

PS, Stay tune for a whole Christmas inspiration post soon! From decoration ideas to nail art 😉


Wow, qué rápido pasó el tiempo este año! No puedo creer que ya sea Diciembre! Tiempo para ponernos festivos, decorar nuestras casas con luces de Navidad y botitas de Santa, y mi favorito personal, poner el arbolito de Navidad, sii!! Pero primero déjenme decirle adiós a un buen mes compartiendo con ustedes algunos “Insta-moments”. 😉

PD: Estén atentos para un post de inspiración Navideña pronto! Desde ideas de decoración hasta de nail art 😉



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1. Cloudy day & palm tres 2. Rainy day 3. Getting ready for a night out 4. From the post “Suit and… denim?”

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1. A great quote that inspired me a lot 2. Quiet view 3. From the post “November Rain” 4. A moment of boredom 😉

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A little break

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1. From the post “From time to time” 2. The first Christmas decorations in the city 3. Funny t-shirt idea I saw on Pinterest 4. #tbt to 2012!

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1. Edited picture from the post “A pinch of mustard” 2. My now Christmas-y laptop and a little snack 3. More palm trees in another cloudy day 4. From my previous post “Girl Code”

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Cute snow globe to officially welcome the festive season <3