Okay, that was fast. Not only talking about November but the entire year: that was fast! I know it’s still early for balances and that stuff but I have to say this year was kinda crazy for me, and I’ve got the feeling that 2017 is gonna be even crazier.

I’m not usually this anticipated for the next year, mostly because Christmas time IS my favorite time of the year, but I spent a great deal of this month making plans for a big adventure that will take place in February. So inevitably, my mind has been half set in 2017 lately. I’ll tell you more about it later ‘cause you know what they say: “keep your love life, your bank account, and next move private.”  Well, maybe they say that to interesting people but still, I won’t take the risk. 😉

Anyway, I hope you enjoy these Instagram pics and omg, next recap is gonna be December’s, isn’t that crazy?!