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Hating Instagram at the moment. Therefore I created a Tik Tok account. Find out why below on My Insta-month: Goodbye February!

Last month was so disappointing Instagram-wise. Weirdly I got banned from liking from one of my phones (I got Instagram installed on my Argentinian Samsung phone and on my UK iPhone one). Even though I never spammed liked or anything.

Discouraged by this action, and added to the fact that not so long ago I got my Branded Content tools removed with no explanation whatsoever, I ended up spending less and less time on the app.

I don’t know why I am getting all these penalties, and you know what’s the most frustrating part? The fact that I never fell into shady growth methods as follow/unfollow, buying likes/followers, or any of that shit. Yet, I STILL get punished by the app.

I think I said this before: I feel like I have a love/hate relationship with IG. I always enjoyed the platform but I would like it 1000 times more if there wasn’t any of this bullshit. Although I might add that lately the «hate» side was more powerful than the «love» part haha.

With all that in mind, I created a Tik Tok account. I haven’t posted there yet because of lack of time but I think I’m gonna give it a try soon. If you want to follow me I’m at @stylebydebblog -I’ll follow back!