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Guys, I’ve been so terribly absent from my blog last week!!! 🙁 My mind was in so many places at the same time that I just couldn’t sit down and write a proper post. Thankfully I’m saying goodbye to that busy week and to a whole month, actually! Needless to say I’m still in awe because we’re in freaking September and I still a lot of things I want to do this year, haha! Anyway you guys, I hope you enjoy this recap and as you know, feel free to follow me on Instagram and let me know so you I can follow you back. 😉

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1. Adorable homemade muffins 2. “Do hall things with love” clutch by Ala Par 3. From the post “I’m with the band” 4. Gorgeous statement necklace and lovely note by Happiness Boutique

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A very summer-ish random view

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1. Selfie! 2. Apparently I have a thing with palm trees AND buildings (?) 3. New babes! 4. From the post “Little white dress”

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When coffee breaks are not really a break…

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1. #tbt to the post “Teenage Dream” 2. Speaking of transitions the other day… 3. My pink mani featuring this Rimmel London baby pink shade 4. From the post “Happiness”

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Yes, palm trees again <333

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1. From the post “Again and again” 2. Yummy coffee with chocolate sauce and dulce de leche 3. Trying Natura makeup for the first time 4. #tbt to June 2013!

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1. #fromwhereistand 60’s photoshoot edition 😉 2. From the post “Transition” 3. & 4. My weekend strolls

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New collab coming on!!