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I guess I wasn’t exaggerating when I said this was kind of a hectic month. Blogging-wise I had so many posts already scheduled that for the first time ever I completely forgot about my beloved Insta-month post! I hesitated for a moment but I decided to finally post it even with a few days of delay because June was the month of my birthday aka a very special month. <3

So I hope you enjoy this Instagram recap and if you’re not following me you can do it HERE. Don’t forget to drop me a line so I can follow you back. 🙂


Creo que no estaba exagerando cuando dije que éste fue un mes muy agitado. En cuanto al blog, tenía tantos posts ya arreglados para publicar en cierto tiempo que por primera vez me olvidé completamente de mi querido post mensual de Instagram! Dudé por un momento pero decidí finalmente postearlo incluso con unos cuantos días de retraso porque Junio fue el mes de mi cumpleaños, es decir, un mes muy especial. <3

Así que espero que disfruten de esta recapitulación de Instagram y si no me siguen todavía lo pueden hacer AQUÍ. No se olviden de decírmelo así yo los puedo seguir de vuelta. 🙂

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1. June started in the right way as I received these lovely booties on the 1st 2. My look for the post “Hey June” 3. A close up to the details of that post 4. Selfie 🙂

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Beautiful fall leaves

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1. Weekend stroll at the mall 2. #tbt to the post “B&W” 3. One of my fave shots form the post “Running against time” 4. Old building

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Cute cupcakes!

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1. Relaxing Sunday bath with great Natura products 2. Another selfie! 3. From the post “Stripes & Plaids” 4. The beautiful location me and my friend went to for a photoshoot (soon on the blog)

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Taking a little break from a double photoshoot I did with my friend.

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BIRTHDAY SET: 1. Cake and pastries for a quiet Tuesday celebration (they know I have such a sweet tooth) 2. That morning’s early presents 3. From the post “It’s my B-day!” 4. Later that night, catching up with the blog comments while having one of those yummy pastries and tea in bed.

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1. I couldn’t include this one on the birthday set, haha. That was the cake for my weekend celebration 2. A selfie in-between shots for a new Ala Par lookbook on a Sunday morning 3. From the post “Vanhoston” 4. Yet another gorgeous picture of that location I was talking about with the caption #inthemiddleofnowhere

IMG_20150620_160002 (680x680)

So, I’ve got A LOT of photos from this place, haha. This one is probably my favorite. Stunning view!