Just a simple post wishing you all a lovely Christmas Eve and a wonderful Christmas Day this year. I hope you spend it with your loved ones in peace, harmony and happiness. I’ll be spending it with my dear family, some of them are here, some of them not, but in my heart we’re all together like we used to in those epic Christmas from my childhood.

I’m usually more cheered up during this season, like I said before, I tend to become a real-life Elf (from the movie), but for some reasons this particular Christmas is being a bit blue and nostalgic. As for my wishes, I’ll keep them for myself as I learned in a bad way that it’s not always a good idea to show your ups and downs online, you never know who’s watching, reading or even stalking you on social media, until it’s too late. It might sound kinda random to say that here and I apologize for that but I just felt like I needed to spit it out. Having a public blog and social media makes it easy for everyone to see your personal stuff and unfortunately there are people who apparently live such a sad, miserable and empty life that they are out there cursing other people’s happiness. Anyway, I’ll stop it right here, don’t worry.

Again, I wish you all the loveliest Christmas ever, please share in the comments below if you have any plans or you’re part of some family tradition for the Holidays! Here in Argentina we all gather for dinner at Christmas Eve and make a toast at midnight. The crazy part is that you can open your presents at midnight too, instead of waiting until the next morning as in most countries. Probably the explanation is that we’re in summer here so for both Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve families have dinner quite late (10:00 or 11:00 pm!) therefore we stay up celebrating until late hours of the night/morning lol. What about you guys?!

Merry Christmas!