Hi babes! As promised, today’s post is a skincare post. I’ve been trying two great products from Kaeso* and they already became part of my skincare routine. Read on for the full review and for some rare photos of me with literally zero makeup! 😉 haha.

Kaeso uses natural ingredients for all their products, which range from cleansers and toners to masks and massage creams, and everything in between 🙂 The brand proudly states that they use no harmful ingredients, and their formulas are all free from Parabens, Sulphates, Propylene Glycol and Mineral Oil. With that and the unique combination of natural ingredients, the products themselves feel rich and effective as soon as you put them on your skin. In my case, I kindly received the Purity Black Pepper & Pomegranate Hot Cloth Cleanser and the Elixir Fig & Mulberry Facial Oil.


I’m having a good experience with this cleanser so far. It smells like real black pepper at the very beginning, which was kind of worrying for me lol, but then you feel the sweetness of pomegranate and it’s really pleasant. The cleanser claims not only cleanse your skin but also help to replenish moisture, leaving the skin soft, smoothed and revitalized. My face felt super smooth for sure after using it!

“Infused with anti-bacterial Witch Hazel and Eucalyptus Oil, Purity Hot Cloth Cleanser removes dirt, impurities and stubborn make up gently and thoroughly. Suitable for all skin types.”

The package came with a cute little muslin cloth to remove the cleanser (I loved that detail). So what I do is applying it and leave it for no more than a couple of minutes and then I remove it with warm water using the cloth. Then it’s time for step number 2…


This cute glass bottle comes with a lovely Facial Oil that smells delicious and moistures my skin without leaving it greasy, especially if I use it after the cleanser. It’s like my skin absorbs the oil and the result feels soft and radiant. I also tried using it one morning under my makeup (skipping the cleanser) and it wasn’t messy at all. Perhaps more shine than usual, but that’s easily fixable with powder. Anyway that was just me experimenting with the product lol.

“Enriched with natural extracts, pomegranate and mulberry which are renowned for their anti-oxidant properties. Formulated specifically for both day and night use. Suitable for all skin types.”

I absolutely adore the facial oil. I’ve been also hesitating to try one because I have combination skin but this oil is not altering any of that, and again, I really love how soft my skin feels after applying it (and how good it smells!)

Both products are amazing and they’ve been a great addition to my own skincare routine. I hope you give them a try or try any other Kaeso product and let me know, cause I’d love to try more of their stuff!