Irresistible Me! Says on the package of the hair extension brand. I’m a total newbie when it comes to this subject, but, never say never! So when I was contacted by Irresistible Me I got really excited to actually have the opportunity to try something new.


First things first: The packaging! The box is so fun! It comes with a beautiful draw in the inner part of the lid and a message in the base for you to share it in your social media with the hashtag #irresistiblegram. Oh! And if you’re like me and enjoy the little details, you’ll also love the “Irresistible Who?” – “Irresistible Me!” thing when you open the box. 😉





Inside the box there’s a plastic pouch where you’ll see the extensions and a sample, so in case it the color doesn’t match your own, you can exchange them.


One thing I really loved about Irresistible Me is that you can customize the length and weight of your order. You can have from 14’’ to 24’’(inches) of length, and from 100 gr to 200 gr of weight. I personally chose 16’’ and 140 gr.

From the wide range of colors and shades they offer, I chose the Royal Ginger #33. This hair has the best quality you can ask for in natural hair extensions, as it is Remy hair (say, like a 5 star extension) and you know what? It shows. If you’re more on a budget but you still want to try the brand, they have the Silky Touch category and clip-in pony tails, all of them with various shades. By the way, you know this kind of shades of hair can change depending on the light, camera, flash/no flash, etc. Just sayin’!





Now, the extensions themselves come in different pieces so that you can add them in sections and therefore, have a more natural result. These pieces come in clips, for example, the widest one has four clips and it obviously goes at the back of your hair to give you more length. The thinner ones have one clip and they’re perfect to add great volume at the sides. All in all, the different pieces blend perfectly with your hair, giving you not only length but also volume. This feature makes it quite easy to handle, especially if you have no previous experience in hair extensions, like me!




Here’s a Before & After photo so you can compare.


I’d never thought I’d actually enjoy having hair extensions on, but I do! And I recommend these high-quality human hair extensions with the easiest application method ever to anyone who wants to change their hairstyle from time to time. The coolest part about these extensions is that, as they’re 100% natural, you can curl, straighten or even dye them like real hair! There options are endless!

Before I go, a happy selfie before hitting the streets with my extensions on!! 😀





*this post is sponsored but all opinions are MINE