Hi lovelies! As my OOTD hiatus sadly continues, I wanted to do something different in this post and write a “How To” kind of article. Here in Argentina we’re in the middle of summer, so I couldn’t help to think and talk about the super trendy two-piece dress set. It turns out it’s more versatile than you think! Take a look.


When two-piece dresses started coming out I used to associate them with celebrities like Kim Kardashian, and because she had the curves to pull them off I related this kind of dresses to über sexy girls or clubbing outfits. Two piece bandage dresses fit like a glove in the right places, show off your figure and it’s a guaranteed show stopper. They can only be worn with equally sexy heels or thigh-high boots for winter. Chokers are usually the go-to accessory (bonus point is they’re made of strass).

(image source: kissmissdress.com)


Rapidly, two-piece sets took over different styles and they of course have a boho version for the free spirits out there. Prints are mostly floral or ethnic, and you’ll look extra trendy if you choose to add the infamous off-the-shoulder detail! The length of the skirt is also a must: it has to be maxi in order to complete the whole bohemian look. Your greatest allies are flat sandals, whether they’re gladiator, laced up or with an ethnic details such as mini pompoms. Or think of Coachella and throw on some studded ankle boots and suede chokers. If you’re going to the beach you can easily add colored glass sunglasses and a beach hat.


If showing too much skin is a concern, you’re welcome to try “the classy way”, which is more subtle and elegant. The skin is barely seen or simply not shown at all. That will depend on the length of the top, given that most bottom parts start in the waist area, up the belly button. Opt for solid colors and style it with neutral accessories. Neck doesn’t have to be necessarily too wide, and you can leave the sleeves off and still look elegant. In order for it not to be too revealing, the skirt has to have some movement and be anything but tight. As for the length, as long as you keep it flared and the top still conservative, the skirt can be found in two ways. The white option shown under is great for a younger lady cause the length of the skirt is above the knee, while the pink one is suitable for more formal occasions.


(Cause “The Gowns Way” doesn’t make sense, lol!). Important events that require a gown have been also touched by this trend. We’ve seen it in red carpets, bridesmaids, haute couture runways and more. Needless to say you can find millions of two-piece wedding dresses! They’re also divided in different styles so I could go on about it for a whole post if I wanted! But sticking to two-piece gowns, they still look formal but definitely edgier than your average long dress. In this case textures are rich and feel luxurious: think of lace, satin, beaded or embroidered tops, tulle skirts… Take your favorite clutch and some high heels and get ready to look like a real celeb.


Trends are not real trends if they’re not wearable. So here’s when the casual way comes in. Friendly, everyday patterns such as stripes and florals are a great way to start. Depending on how comfortable you feel about a tight bottom piece, you can embrace it or change it for a cute skater skirt, especially if you’re more in the girly-girl side. Dress it down with flat shoes (comfy sandals, cute ballerinas, trendy embroidered sneakers), a backpack or a crossbody bag, some trendy sunnies and loose hair. You’ll look young, fresh and of course, trendy!

I hope you guys liked these styling tips! Which style was your favorite?



  • Amy-Anne Williams

    Yeesss I love two-piece items, and have been scouring the web for a bunch of nice ones in preparation for the summer before the prices go up too much. I love all of these also, we have a really similar style haha.

    Little Moon Elephant

    • Oh that’s good to hear, dear! I’m glad this post served as good inspiration for you! <3 xx

  • I have never tried two-piece dress set, Deb but I think that such a clothes are great, because you can wear them together or separately and then create totally new look. From your choices, I really liked that peach set with nude high heels – it’s amazing <3 You're so lucky with the summer – here, in Poland it's winter.


    • Thank you lovely! I totally agree, you can even maximize your closet with two-piece sets as you can wear the pieces separately! <3 xx

  • Pam Scalfi

    I really like the more flowy, midi styles!
    would love a pair for summer!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

    • They’re indeed great styles for summer, Pam! I agree! 🙂 xx

  • Denise

    Ti digo que non uso mucho two-pieces, pero ya lo hice 🙂 Si que il estilo era sempre boho 🙂 Me gusta las fotos y me gusta la manera mas liviana de las telas, mas romantica, y tambien la mas clasica, pero para mi, jajaja, el estilo boho siempre es el campeon 🙂 Quue puedo hacer, tiene a ver conmigo 🙂 Besotes, querida Deborah, espero que la tua semana sea linda!

    • Muchas gracias Denise! Es verdad que el estilo boho es muy lindo y comodo a la vez 🙂 Espero que al menos este post haya servido de inspiración 🙂 Que tengas un hermoso fin de semana, amiga! xx

  • This is great inspiration since we are going into Spring here in the U.S. soon. I love the boho inspo so much, I would wear all those looks Deb!