how to pick the right shapewear

Months ago I wrote a post about how the different types of shapewear out there, including a proper glossary. Now, let’s say you already determined the shapewear piece you wanted, you targeted the area that needed support the most and you’re about to get it. How do you buy the correct one? Things to consider:


If you’re searching for the most popular shapewear item out there, which is the body shaper shorts, you can guide yourself with your jeans size and then pick one size smaller. 🙂 A more precise method that applies to any other type of shapewear is the one be based on your exact current measurements. Whether you’re purchasing it online or in a physical store, always have your updated measurements in hand. It’s extremely important to know your numbers in order to get the perfect shapewear, otherwise the whole purpose of this item is gone.


There are different levels of fit and compression. I found a very useful tool in the Cosmolle* website that lets you buy your items based on the compression level you choose. They have 5 levels that go from Smoothing and Light Compression, to a middle ground called Medium Compression, to the last two levels that are the Firm and the Extra Firm Compression. You know your body better than anyone else so always pick something that will make you feel comfortable. Don’t overdo the compression because you might end up getting the opposite effect, a.k.a, creating big bulges and making you sweaty and uncomfortable.

cosmolle shapewear compression levels

Doctors also recommend not going for extreme compressions because of medical reasons such as breathing complications while wearing it or tingling and numbness in the front to outer thigh region, from hip to knee. There are other serious and persistent health issues as we take the risk of compressing organs or nerves, so please always pick your item carefully and listen to your body when you’re wearing it.


So you now have picked the right size, the level of compression your body can take and last but not least you need to pick the color. There are two categories to base this on, one is your own skin tone: you’ll try to find the one color that matches your natural skin tone the most. The other one is what you’ll be wearing: go for nudes if you’re wearing white, pink or any other pale color. Definitely get a black one if you’re wearing it under a dark piece of clothing. 🙂

If you’re tempted on trying your first shaper, I’d recommend one that tackles the most problematic areas: tummy, butt and thighs, and that’s the high waist shapewear. This item could be the perfect choice for a newbie and that’s probably why it’s one of the top three most popular picks in the shapewear realm. Follow this steps and see what happens! For some people it’s a game changer and they never look back! For others it’s something they could only see themselves wearing for a special occasion or event. Where would you be?