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I’m so happy to welcome Femmeluxe back! After a bit of a hiatus, I’m delighted to post my first look of the collab. Femmeluxe loungewear: pink tracksuit.

Femmeluxe* reigns supreme in three categories specifically: sexy dresses, awesome bodysuits and cool loungewear. This collab focused more on the latter.

A bit of a dejavú moment. I started getting FL loungewear for the first lockdown and now I’m getting it again for the second English lockdown (even though I’m in Wales lol).

femmeluxe loungewear
pink tracksuit

Anyway, this pink tracksuit is slightly similar to the one I had in this post. The difference is the fit of the newer one is loose and the fabric feels softer. There’s also a slight difference in the shade of pink, and there are no white side lines.

This gorgeous tracksuit is heavenly comfortable. I can’t stress enough how soft and cozy the fabric is. And the design has the perfect balance between comfy in-house, and cool outdoor-wear. That’s why Femmeluxe always nails it in this department.

Make sure to stay tuned to the second outfit of the collab! Hint: you know I love their trousers. 😉



By the way guys, it looks like an empty space above certain photos but it’s not a glitch, it’s the white sky from the actual picture that merges with the screen’s white space lol. It took me two full minutes to realise that myself lmao.

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