No matter how many years I am, I will always fantasise with cotton candy pink hair. When the pastel hair color trend started I became obsessed and even dedicated a full Pinterest board about it but I’ve been never brave enough to actually dye my hair in such shades. For peeps like me, wigs are always a good option.

Wigs these days look super natural, and you can find great stores such as* to pick the best hair style, length and color for you. They offer quality synthetic wigs in all the colors of the rainbow since 2010, and the range is incredible. From classic colors like blonde or brunette to metallic greens, grey curls and ombrè peach orange, you name it.

As I still have a fixed obsession with pink, my first stop is in the Pink Lace Front Wigs, where I swim between long straight cotton candy pink wigs or cool, modern ombrè wavy long bobs. You can even pick between the many shades of pink: pale pink, peachy pink, Barbie pink, bright pink… and all of them are gorgeous! Pink wigs in my opinion are the perfect balance between cute and feminine and badass attitude. If I had to choose one pastel or rainbow color for me, that would be pink.

However, I think the Ombre Wigs section is my favorite in terms of hair inspo. All the cool colors are here (including pink, of course). It looks like any cool Insta girl’s dream wig closet should look like… if there’s such a thing in this world lol. I’m drooling over green long bobs, mermaid-like pastel blue wigs that reach your waist, steel grey wigs with robotic-ish sleek staright shapes, rich deep purples that look like a literal pony tail, and the list goes on. I feel like I’m looking at my Pinterest board but this time I can actually purchase any style I like.


Now, if you’re more of the classic type, you can still shop at Whether you want to become brunette or experiment with blonde lace front wigs for a day, this store it’s worth at least a visit. Blonde wigs can be glamorous, playful and carefree. The blonde look will always remain a classic as well as one of the most popular hair colors picked by women from all over the world. In their section, you can choose from beach blonde to honey blonde, from short hair to long hair, or straight, wavy or curly.

Hope you guys liked my selection of wigs, and let me know, have you ever tried wigs before? Is it something you would consider? And don’t forget to check for all the amazing styles they offer!