Hello babes! Hope you had a great start of the month. Today’s post is a review of my new wallet from Eva Leather. Spoiler alert: I loved it!

You can never go wrong with a classic leather wallet. They last forever and they’re something we all need and use. This wallet came in perfect time, as my current one is already showing signs of its age 😉 So far I used to have wallets in pink tones (dusty pink, pale pink, nude-ish kind of pink…) so this is actually my first “serious” wallet 😉

Anyway, Eva Leather is a fashion retail company that delivers leather goods directly to consumers around the world. They kindly sent me this Rosaire Helene leather wallet in elephant gray* and as I spoiled above I really liked it. It came in a cute bright orange box covered by an orange fabric as envelop.

As for the wallet itself, the gray color definitely has a warmer undertone which in my opinion looks better than a cold gray for this particular product. Seams and manufacture are impeccable, both in the outside and the inner side. Texture is soft and delicate. You can see and feel a small tiny pattern that seems elegant and pleasant to the touch.

When you open it, you’ll see two compartments divided by an interior one large zipper pocket, perfect for coins or an important paper or ID. The two compartments have each a large side pocket and 6 credit card slots, making a total of 12. The same material and texture of the outside is also found on the inside.

I think the style of this particular wallet is perfect for a classic woman or someone who loves minimalist style. I say this not only because of its neutral color but also because of the lack of details or decorations, which is a synonym of elegance for many. The only detail you can see is the cute cover they made for the zipper, which is in the exact material of the whole wallet. However, Eva Leather works with many styles for their wallets, bags and belts: if you check their website you can indeed see color, patterns, textures, chains, studs, tassels and even gorgeous and intricate laser cut details.

I plan to use this wallet a lot 🙂 Hope you guys liked it as well!