Silver jewellery, especially rings, can be quite attractive. They can actually add a great deal to a new outfit or dress attire. However, there are some do’s and don’ts when choosing to wear sterling silver rings.

Being a huge fan of rings since like forever, or should I say, the Lady of the Rings 😉 I learnt some tips about these little gorgeous accessories. We’re talking today one specific type of ring: silver ones.

Take note of the following:

1.If you are wearing a conservative outfit, it is best not to wear any silver rings that are too gaudy or outrageous. Anything unusual will certainly draw attention from others. You certainly do not want to be labelled the «person who wears the crazy jewellery», if you know what I mean. 😉

2. It is also best to choose sterling silver rings that are stylish and will go with just about any dress attire. Therefore, whether you are dressed for a formal dinner or simply a night on the town, the rings should appropriately match your dress attire. When searching for that special sterling silver ring or rings, it is best to choose a store that offers a diverse selection of silver rings to choose from.

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3. Statement type rings can look quite extraordinary especially with formal attire.  And keep in mind that rings of this kind will certainly draw all eyes toward the ring itself. In addition, you are bound to receive great compliments for your jewellery choices.

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4. Very simple but elegant sterling silver rings not only look attractive but they can also serve another purpose. Therefore, if you have fingers that tend to be a bit chubby, simple and elegant rings can actually make your fingers appear much slimmer than they actually are.

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5. It is best not to mix sterling silver rings with gold. Wearing sterling silver rings along with yellow gold is something that a person should avoid. Mixing silver and gold can actually look mismatched and not very stylish. It is best to choose one or the other when it comes to rings. 🙂

6. Make sure you match up whatever style of rings you are wearing along with the other accessories. Therefore, you should try to match your rings with similar earrings and/or bracelets. Sometimes, it may be best to purchase matching ring and earring sets to ensure that they complement each other.

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7. Believe it or not, some people do take notice on which fingers you choose to wear your ring. It is best to wear stylish rings on the second finger from the pinky. It looks more appropriate to wear a ring or rings on what is called the «ring finger». Some people do however wear rings on the middle finger as well as the index finger.

8. Rings were designed as a fashion piece. Rings definitely make a powerful statement if chosen correctly. The proper ring or rings can complete almost any outfit or dress attire. Careful, though. Wearing too many rings on one hand may look somewhat overdone and they can also make your fingers appear shorter than they actually are.

Visual tips like this can be applied not only for rings but other kinds of accessories. If you want to upgrade your overall styling game. you should check The only accessories guide you’ll ever need for a complete walk-through all the accessories for men and women.

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9. Jewellery tends to go in trend, especially rings. Trendy rings may be in style for a period of time however fashion trends can quickly change. For most people especially where fashion is concerned, they do like to keep up with the times.

10. It is important to stay within a certain budget when purchasing stylish rings. You can get some great bargains on fashionable rings if you know exactly where to look. Some stores frequently run sales on sterling silver and other jewellery. That way you should be able to find fashionable and attractive rings at a reasonable cost!

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I hope you enjoyed these tips, lovelies! See you on my next post for another Insta-month recap!! 🙂