It has been a much debated topic when bracelets were first created. Some say they may have started in prehistoric times. When or who invented them isn’t known, but in 5000 BCE, Egyptians used wood, bones, and stones to create them as part of their spiritual interests.

There are a lot of bracelet innovations that have sprung since the time it was used in ancient Egypt, with silver as among the most preferred materials for their creation. In the present, these beautiful and timeless pieces – while still used as part of religious and traditional beliefs in some parts of the world – have become one of fashion must-haves and have even found their way on the wrists of modern men and women for expression of individuality and as objects of remembrance or sentimentality.

There are many types of bracelets and below are some you should take note of to make your decision-making on what to wear with your outfit easier.


Circular in shape and inflexible, the bangles are usually made of metal and can have engraved designs. They also come with embellishments of diamonds and other gemstones, and can be worn alone or in multiples. There are several options of sterling silver bangles UK stores are selling, pay them a visit and you may find the perfect accessory for you.

2. Chain & Link

Worn with charms or as a plain chain, this type of bracelet is made of links connected together to form a band that has a clasp closure. It comes in either sterling silver or gold and the size of the links vary, as do the shapes and materials used.

3. Cuff

This type of bracelet got its popularity from the time of Cleopatra and is very similar to the bangle bracelet, except that it ends up one-third on the wrist. It is usually open at the end and sits on your wrist firmly. It is inflexible and is circular or oval in shape. It doesn’t have a clasp or closure, and is usually wide and chunky. Looking like a shield of armour that may remind you of the pair that Wonder Woman wears on her wrists, this iconic bracelet exudes indestructibility and power.

4. Charm

This customisable bracelet has different pieces of charms on it. The little trinkets you attach on the chain or link can be playful, traditional or sentimental, as they reflect your personal interests, events and the things and people you care about. You can continue adding charms to the chain, especially as a way to show off your personality or to remind you of a beautiful memory. The charms can come in gemstones, metals and beads, among others.

5. Delicate Bracelet

This bracelet is usually made out of thin gold or silver and looks very fragile, despite the fact that it is made out of strong material. It can also have gems, beads and charms on it.

6. Statement Bracelet

This type of bracelet naturally stands out as it is created to grab attention. It can be large, oddly shaped, has tassels or feathers on it, or formed in the shape of a number or letter. It is usually personalised to reflect the wearer’s taste, making this piece very unique. The statement bracelet can also have a message attached to it, such as support for causes like breast cancer awareness or fighting domestic violence.

Whether they come in delicate chains or solid ones, you can find a bracelet that will add that perfect touch of class and glamour to your outfit, be it for casual or formal events.