That lovely gift box that your diamond ring arrived in was great for displaying the ring, but other than that, it’s not going to help you care for your ring. Diamond rings are certainly made to be showcased, but they require special care, like a safe, dry place, when not being worn. While diamonds may be tough gems, they’re still at risk of damage if they are not properly looked after. Below, we discuss some tips for taking care of your diamond rings.

How to Care for Your Diamond Rings

1. Wear your ring

Even if your ring gets in the way now and then, do wear it to work. It’s intended to be worn, so show it off every chance you get.

2. Clean the Diamond

Diamonds sure are forever, but once the facets are covered in gunk, grime, and dirt, the shine is not going to be as, well, shiny, as when you first got it as it won’t refract as well. Now and then, clean the stone, and get it shinning as brightly as the first day you got it. The easiest way to clean the diamond is to leave it to soak in warm soapy water for around fifteen minutes and then brush off the dirt using a soft toothbrush. If you’re looking for a new diamond, see the range of stunning diamond rings in NZ by

3. Sleep with Your Ring

While no one will see your ring while you sleep, you’re sure to feel safer knowing that your valuable possession is with you. Unless you tend to swell during the night, there’s really no reason as to why you can’t enjoy your ring, even when you’re sleeping.

4. Get the Ring Re-polished

It’s a good idea to have your diamond ring re-polished from time to time. Most diamond rings are made from platinum or gold, and while platinum is sturdy, it lacks the shine that gold offers. Also, white gold is crafted from an alloy of metals, and tends to lose its lustre with time. Having your ring re-polished and re-coated will ensure it maintains its shine.

5. Have the Diamond Secured

Get your diamond secured periodically. If it is properly set, it should be as secure as possible. But, rings do get knocked, even with daily wear, and even the tightest and securest of prongs can loosen slightly. So, make certain that your diamond remains intact and not loose, which is when it could fall out.

6. Respect the Ring!

Diamond rings are usually presented on a special occasion, so they very often come with a great deal of sentimental value. So, look after its quality as best you can, and remember, when you’re not wearing your ring, it should be stored in a cool, dry place.

Of course, every ring is different and will need to be cared for on an individual basis. Those with platinum settings may have slightly different care needs to gold settings. And, diamonds set on prongs demand more careful care than those with a bezel setting. Ask the jeweller about after-care and make sure you take great care of your diamond rings.