the best technologies for skincare deborah ferrero style by deb

Hi babes! So as you know, skin health is nothing to be trifled with. You need to constantly be vigilant about protecting it because skin damage often leads to other issues. For example, having wrinkles or discolored skin patches can cause you embarrassment. Worse than that, certain skin damage can create medical problems, such as acne outbreaks. Sometimes caring for your skin at home is not enough to prevent such problems. At those times, it helps to know the best technologies you can turn to for skincare assistance. Shall we look into them?



No, there’s not such a thing, I just made it up lol. But really though, the sporty and informal alternative of a girl’s sweater weather is this one! Sweatshirt weather! And gosh I found some really nice sweatshirts and hoodies I want to show you guys. Let’s see below!



femme luxe lbd little black dress deborah ferrero style by deb

Hi babes! This is my second instalment featuring all the exciting items I got from Femme Luxe! If you missed it, in the first post I wore a fun white t-shirt that read «Sweet But Psycho» (can relate) but today’s post has a completely different vibe, a sexier vibe, actually!